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Under the leadership of Michael Hansen, Hentieshelf 1083 cc has established itself as one of the leading, “ALL IN ONE/ ONE STOP” Rubble & Refuse Removal, Plant Hire, Supplier of Compost, Lawn Dressing, Top Soil and Building Material, Tree Felling companies in the West-Rand area.
With a fleet consisting of over 25 vehicles, TLB’s, Bob-Cat and various sizes of Tipper Trucks, we’ve proven to be a successful, independent company with a comprehensive selection of machinery to provide you with unrivalled service and total customer satisfaction. Our Plant hire equipment is available for short / long term, and is supplied with a driver or operator.
Hentieshelf 1083 cc has its own workshop and all our equipment undergoes maintenance on a regular basis. Vehicles are run through a comprehensive checking process before being sent out to our customers, ensuring a minimum of downtime to the customer/hirer.
Our drivers/operators are well trained in both the operation of the equipment and in safety, ensuring that they are fully capable of handling the equipment competently, while our technical backup team attend to any problems that may arise on site quickly and efficiently.
Our target market:
  • Private Households i.e. garden refuse
  • Office Blocks i.e. garden refuse
  • Construction sites i.e. removal of building rubble associated with construction
  • Landscaping i.e. providing compost, top soil, lawn dressing, fill soil etc.
  • Plumbers / Electricians / Tiling / Roofing, etc.
  • Swimming pool Installers i.e. removal of soil etc.
  • Anyone who needs large amounts of rubble removed from their property
  • Site preparations i.e. scrape of vegetation and removal
  • Demolition of Houses i.e. to prepare for new buildings/houses
The Hentieshelf 1083 cc “family” is determined to satisfy our customer's needs in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible. We are able to assess proposed contracts or sites requiring the use of heavy plant and equipment carefully and advise our customers on the most economical and time efficient manner in which to complete the necessary work.
It is with pride that we ensure that all of our customers get far more than "hired equipment."
Recyclable materials are taken in for recycling. This is an important part of the rubble removal process, recycling is friendly to the environment. We support & practice responsible dumping at the appropriate Landfill Sites. We do not remove any toxic waste, medical or meat products.
This family owned business is “based” on a 2-hectare property in Sonnedal AH, Honeydew, close to up-market and residential areas. The property accommodates the family home of the Hansen’s, the offices of Hentieshelf 1083 cc, the workshop with a parking area for our fleet of vehicles.
To focus on our customers by our quality assurance which is continuously reviewed and improved as we are committed by embracing the needs of a changing industry as part of our environmental responsibility.
To be recognized as the premier ALL IN ONE/ ONE STOP” Rubble & Refuse Removal, Plant Hire, Supplier of Compost, Lawn Dressing, Top Soil and Building Material company in the Gauteng area, known for our concern for our customer's needs and operational excellence.
  • Service to the customer above all else
  • Striving for service excellence in reputation
  • A responsibility to cultivate the best relationships where possible with our co-workers, customers, suppliers and our community
Management ensure that safety is not compromised in any circumstances by taking responsibility for employee safety, leading by example, encouraging positive safety behaviour and discouraging negative behaviour.
Cases of occupational and non-occupational disease are referred to external facilities. No pre-employment testing for HIV is undertaken and all HIV testing and counselling is undertaken voluntarily. Employees who are HIV positive are encouraged to participate in the wellness programs available through various local clinics.
Hentieshelf 1083 cc’s experienced management team is on hand to provide advice and assistance to all customers in an effort to establish the most cost effective and efficient method of completing any proposed project.
Our services include:
  • Rubble Removal
  • Garden Refuse Removal
  • General Site Cleaning
  • Total Site Cleaning
  • Supply / Delivery of Sand, Top Soil, Compost, Lawn Dressing for landscaping
  • We offer transport for building materials to sites as well
  • Move of TLB’s / Excavators and or BobCat’s
  • Hire of equipment to meet the requirements of the customer
  • Transportation of equipment between sites
  • Tree Felling – removal of stumps & trees & Garden refuse
  • House Demolition
  • Construction
  • Free Quotations & Highly competitive prices
“our passion makes your garden grow”
Our compost is an organic decomposition of manure, finely sifted and a 10% fine wood chip component is added to aerate the compost. This provides an organic alternative to commercial fertilizer. The advantages of organic compost include, soil retention and the provision of a natural pesticide for soil. It also provides vital humus and nutrients to encourage plant growth.
Lawn Dressing
A 50% organic compost / 50% top soil mix, fine sifted. The topsoil takes care of undulation in the lawn and the compost acts as a booster for grass growth. This product is also excellent for the establishment of ready to plant flower beds.
Topsoil (Wikipedia)
Fine sifted topsoil is used for backfilling and preparation of newly landscaped sites
Building Material / Sand
The building material / sand is provided for the “filling of foundations”, or levelling/rising of levels for reasons of landscaping etc.
Hentieshelf 1083cc offer tree felling and tree removal services throughout the Gauteng. Cutting down trees at private homes, housing estates, office complexes & any place where there are unwanted trees.
We pride ourselves by offering our customers quality service at a reasonable rate and turning them into long term clients.
We also pride ourselves to provide timely, clean and safe tree felling and stump removal as well, as garden refuse removal. We only use the best equipment and protective gear to ensure optimum safety for our team and our customers.
Quotations is offered free of charge and Hentieshelf 1083 cc employees will offer you the best advice for your “problem” trees.
  • Safety First: Our teams are trained to work safely and we follow strict guidelines
  • Fully insured: Hentieshelf 1083cc Tree Felling is FULLY Insured
  • Our years of experience will make sure that the job is done right and fast
  • We all the necessary equipment to complete the job professionally
  • Teamwork: Our teams have been professionally trained to work together and as we all know: "Teamwork is the difference between a Good job and a Great job"
  • Availability: Your tree problem will always be handled professionally and the job will be completed on time
  • Price: Our Tree Felling prices are 100% Affordable!
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