Michael Hansen
Managing Director / Owner
Michael Hansen’s entrepreneurial spirit became evident right after a short spell at the South African Police force, seeing the gap in the “Rubble & Refuse removal” market he started at the bottom by doing loads and deliveries with his 4-ton Truck.
Michael took in a “partner”, who later became Mrs. Jenny-lee Hansen, to manage the day-to-day logistics and administration this allowed him to concentrate on the development and marketing of new projects.
With earthmoving equipment a continual need in the building industry, Michael acquired more equipment and rented these vehicles out to local builders and contractors. Today, 11 years later, Hentieshelf 1083 cc, is one of the leading “small-plant hire” companies in the West Rand - Gauteng area.
Although the “Hentieshelf 1083 cc family" of dedicated staff has grown considerably with the development of the business, Michael still remains the "hands on" driving force behind the company, instilling that same passion in those who work with him towards achieving the companies' objectives and satisfying their customers' needs.


Jenny-lee Hansen
General Manager / HR Manager

Sharing the same “passion and drive” as Michael, Jenny-lee took control of the office administration of Hentieshelf 1083 cc. The initial bookings and invoicing were all done by issuing written invoices and - cash slips, needless to say that all Journals were done “old-school” too, effective for the time being, but Hentieshelf 1083cc needed a more modernized “set-up” to keep up with the changing economy and industry.


Jenny-lee instilled these much needed modernized processes and procedures, ensuring “smooth-sailing” with office administration/logistics. All administration changed effectively to electronic formats and today we are able to send and receive info more efficiently and effectively.

This “duo” made up an excellent team on their own, but evidently it became clear that they had to employ more personnel. From a “one-man band” the “Hentieshelf 1083 cc Family” has grown to a fully fledge business, currently with 10 permanent truck drivers, 7 permanent TLB Operators, 2 permanent BobCat Operators, 20 casual labourers and an Office Assistant.


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